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KeyWe has a qualified pool of experienced interim leaders, used to manage strategic missions in a set time frame. Today, in our constantly evolving world, interim management is a nimble and operational solution, working towards the transformation of organizations.


Globalization, digital revolution, new tools, continous innovation, data exploitation, market evolution… The perpetual socio-economic evolution has an impact on the activity and performance of your company which is facing the need to transform itself to stay efficient and competitive.

You want to acquire a new market, you’re developing your brand internationally, is your company developing quickly ? Call upon one of KeyWe’s consultants to efficiently take charge of your project.

The management of a crisis requires agility, speed and knowledge of complexity. Leading with efficiency is crucial to the health and growth of companies in today’s world.

Interim Management ensures the continuity of activity in the case a leader needs to be replaced.

Create a job, structure a team, restore an entity, improve the organization’s performance. KeyWe puts forward profiles of managers that combine high levels of expertise and the  necessary skill set to confront the challenges you are facing.

These transitional steps are crucial to organizations and they must be well prepared with the required know-how and expertise. This is the reason why a KeyWe transition leader will have the ability to lead the necessary cultural, managerial, operational changes within the company.


Together, we are comitted to the success of your projects

KeyWe offers structured and qualitative support. We are committed to finding you the right interim manager for your mission.

Throughout the process, we guarantee the utmost disclosure.

Every day, your company has to face new challenges into a complex world constantly in evolution. Interim management had became a guarantee of a valuable agility to lead your strategic projects.

Interim Management

is based on three keys to success

Transition missions have important challenges for complex situations. You have to be able to respond with agility.

Businesses want to be fast in their development. So we have to be efficient. KeyWe offers you a short list in 48H with qualified candidates.

Because each transition mission is unique, we at KeyWe are aware that we have to adapt to all your needs.

We evaluate our interim managers according to 6 criteria :







KeyWe is supporting you, step by step, with a structured analysis and quality

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of our clients are satisfied with our process

  • In 24H, we define together the challenge, the strategic and operational targets and the performance indicators of the mission.
  • In 48H, we submit a short list of potential candidates who possess the suitable skills and are qualified for the given mission.
  • Next, we support you during the different phases of the mission to ensure its success : accepting the mission, following the mission, skills transfer and assessment.

They are working with us

Do you want to complete your transition project?

You can use an Interim Manager to quickly acquire aid,  the skills and the  required know-how of an experienced leader.