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Are a interim manager, leader or expert, able to combine strategy, leadership and operational implementation? Are you adaptable and independent, do you have the ability to quickly understand an organization’s urgent and complex issues and integrate into existing teams?

KeyWe is the Interom Management firm of the Batka Group, your HR partner with 15 years of experience.


KeyWe, the strong, accessible network on a human scale

According to KeyWe, humans are the heart of Interim Management

⏵You can meet with us to get to know each other, we will contact you quickly to discuss our projects.

Access to quality missions, our network of partners allows you to access strategic missions on a moments notice.

⏵To be accompanied before, during and after your mission. Together, we will set the conditions for the success of the entrusted mission.

⏵Belong to the KeyWe network and participate in dedicated events, conferences, breakfasts, evenings, etc.

Benefit from accurate and transparent tracking of contacts, name, price, contact, we tell you everything!


Your skills




Oriented results


Why with us ?

Our team of experts is attentive to the market and its demands. We will know how to find the offers that match your profile and make sure to be available throughout your mission.

Our team shares a common value of responsiveness. At KeyWe, we are committed to sending a short list with qualified candidates within 48 hours.

Our goal is to find the best possible opportunities for our Managers..

At KeyWe, people are at the heart of our business and we act with our clients to help them succeed in every transition mission.

We make ourselves available to our Interim Managers and to all those who wish to join our network in order to answer all questions and provide real support.

KeyWe is committed to regular monitoring of its interim managers in order to support them in the best way and to face the challenges together.

KeyWe evolves within the community of 10 BatKa companies, bringing together 120 passionate experts in Human Resources.

 Take responsibility for a new project, accept a new challenge, join a new team, etc. discover the many advantages offered by the profession of Interim Manager.

We are convinced that humans are at the heart of the transformation of organizations. By bringing your skills, experience and expertise, you support the development and transition stages of companies. KeyWe is committed to supporting you at every single stage of your mission.

 Join the KeyWe Leadership Network today and access new business opportunities.