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“Companies are always changing. Interim Management answers nimbly and efficiently to the challenges in the midst of times of transition or restructuring of organizations.”

Sophie Guérin, CEO – KeyWe

The issue for the company is to face the challenge of a  constantly evolving complex world. Interim Management became a priceless guarantee of efficiency  to well manage your strategic projects. Interim Management is a managerial solution that  consists of entrusting temporary management of an organization, company, subsidiary, department or a project to an external operational officer.  The aim is to manage a transformation project or to support a time of change.


Why can you trust KeyWe

A continuous support for companies and interim managers


A committed community


A customizable approach

 Operational efficiency

4 values

At KeyWe, our core values  are : Demanding, Caring, Committed and Enthusiastic! These values are essential for us to carry out our project.

4 offices

Our offices are based in Lille, Paris, Lyon and Nantes to be geographicaly implanted in all of France. 

110 missions

110 missions are completed each year in different sectors such as industry, distribution or services.

120 experts

KeyWe is a part of the BatKa business community, an ecosystem of over 120 HR experts.

BatKa Group, your HR solutions partner since 2004

Created in 2004, BatKa is a community of companies whose project is to offer its clients, companies and individuals, the best HR services and advice.

Thanks to its extensive network, KeyWe supports the strategic development and transition stages of your organizations.

KeyWe is the Interim Management firm of the BatKa Group

We place operational excellence and people at the heart of our business. We support companies and interim managers to deliver the expected results.

The goal for the company is to meet its various challenges in a complex and ever-changing world. Interim Management has become an invaluable guarantee of agility to carry out your strategic projects.

Interim Management is a managerial solution that consists in temporarily entrusting the management of an organization, a company, a subsidiary, a department or a project to an external operational manager, to lead a transformation project or guid a period of change.

Our Offices


87 rue du Molinel
Business Park bâtiment J, 59700 Marcq-en-Barœul


17 Boulevard Saint Martin,
75003 Paris


11 rue d’Erlon,
44000 Nantes

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